New Immunology Centre has been established

The University of Turku and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland have established an Immunology Centre in Turku. The Centre will work towards promoting immunological basic research and patient-oriented studies. The centre is led by the Director of InFLAMES Flagship Professor Sirpa Jalkanen.

The new Immunology Centre connects both the University of Turku (TY) and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland (VSSHP) researchers and clinicians in the field of immunology together under the same operational entity.

“Only a fraction of our immunology experts belong to the InFLAMES Flagship. Now, trough the Immunology Center, we bring together everyone whose work and personal interest lies in immunology.” clarifies Jalkanen. 

Mikko Pietilä, the Medical Director of VSSHP, says the Immunology Centre can further improve the cooperation between scientists and doctors. He believes that the centre, together with the InFLAMES Flagship, will ensure Turku retains its position as a pioneer of immunology. “Given the key role of immunology in the cause behind and the treatment of many diseases, the fact that we conduct a high level of immunological research directly helps the patients in our region,” Pietilä points out.

The goal: A national centre

The Immunology Centre’s goal is to provide state-of-the-art technology for research, taking into the consideration the specific needs of immunological research. The Centre has also been tasked with training new immunology experts and promoting national and international cooperation in the field. It also provides immunological expertise to medical districts and offers collaborative opportunities for pharmaceutical, life science and diagnostics companies.

“Our goal is to form a strong enough collaborative network and brand around Immunology Centre that it could function as a National Immunology Centre in the future. We also aim to become internationally known influencers in the field of immunology” Sirpa Jalkanen states.