InFLAMES Flagship’s Visiting Professor Simon Goodman visits the University of Turku next week

Professor Simon Goodman visits our University next week, October 11-15 .10. Goodman  has done an extensive and impressive career in drug development and has been invited to Turku as a visiting professor by The InFLAMES Flagship (Innovation Ecosystem based on the Immune System).

Simon Goodman has decades of experience in drug development in the pharmaceutical industry. He is experienced in the process of drug discovery, taking compounds to Phase 3 trials. He has made a long career in drug development at Merck as head of a cell-biology laboratory and as a principle scientist. Most recently he led an immunohistology group in Oncology preclinical pharmaceutical research. During this time, he was developing and validating antibodies for clinical biomarker analysis.

Currently Dr Simon Goodman is a consultant for the international non-profit organization the Antibody Society, specialising in validation of antibodies. The host of Goodman’s visit is Professor Johanna Ivaska.

You are warmly welcome to join the two lectures by the InFLAMES Visiting Professor Simon Goodman.

The lectures can be attended on site or remotely via zoom (registration is not necessary).

Please register as a participant to either or both of these lectures no later than Sunday 10th October via the following link:

Introductory lecture, Monday 11th of October, at 11.15-12.15
Medisiina D Lecture Hall Lauren 1 /

Integrins as drug targets, Tuesday 12th of October, at 15.15-16.15
Medisiina D Lecture Hall Lauren 1 /

If you’re interested in a personal meeting with Simon Goodman, you can contact directly the InFLAMES Flagship Research Coordinator Sampo Koivunen directly at

InFLAMES Flagship is a joint initiative of University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University, Finland. The goal of the Flagship is to integrate the immunological and immunology-related research activities to develop and exploit new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for personalized medicine. InFLAMES in funded by Academy of Finland.