InFLAMES Recruiting Innovative Immunology Experts

The joint immunology flagship effort of the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University is recruiting over 20 top experts. With the recruitments, the InFLAMES Flagship strengthens its role as the centre for top-level immunology research and development.

The positions are part of the University’s research flagship InFLAMES: Innovation Ecosystem based on the Immune System funded by the Academy of Finland. The Flagship is the spearhead of the regional ecosystem that includes, in addition to the higher education institutions, the Hospital District of Southwest Finland, Turku Science Park, and pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

– The recruitments strengthen the immunology expertise in the InFLAMES Flagship, open up new avenues for research, and promote collaboration with business life. Never before have we been able to invest so significantly in immunology research by recruiting new talents. With these new positions, we aim to achieve also international recognition, highlights the Director of the InFLAMES Flagship, Academician Sirpa Jalkanen.

The Flagship of the University of Turku recruits two professors or tenure track assistant/associate professors, at most five group leaders or senior researchers, and at most 10 postdoctoral researchers. Åbo Akademi University has also initiated its recruitment process and is currently seeking a project researcher. Other positions will be opened in the near future.

A successful applicant should have a good knowledge and experience in immunology or immunology-based drug development and/or diagnostics. Demonstrated competence in performing ground-breaking research, using and developing state-of-the-art technologies, experience in academic-industrial collaboration and/or driving innovations towards commercialisation are considered as an asset.

In addition, the Turku Bioscience Centre has open positions that support the activities of the Flagship. The open positions include project researcher or project engineer in cell imaging and cytometry core, postdoctoral researcher in single-cell genomics, and two project specialists or postdoctoral researchers in medical bioinformatics.

The InFLAMES Flagship aims at being an internationally recognised, top-level, immunological research and development cluster attracting both researchers and business partners.

– We will produce break-through knowledge on drug development, diagnostics and personalised medicine. Innovations, internationally recognised scientists, an extensive state-of-the-art research infrastructure, and intensive academy–industry interactions form the foundation of the InFLAMES Flagship research, Professor Jalkanen sums up.

The successful applicants are expected to begin their work as soon as possible.

Read more about the open vacancies:

> Two Professors or Assistant / Associate Professors in Immunology or Immunology-based Drug Development and/or Diagnostics (the application period ends on 8 March 2021)

> Group Leader/Senior Researcher (Fellow) – Immunology or Immunology-based Drug Development and/or Diagnostics (max. 5 positions) (the application period ends on 8 March 2021)

> Postdoctoral Researcher – Immunology or Immunology-based Drug Development and/or Diagnostics (max. 10 positions) (the application period ends on 8 March 2021)

> Project Researcher within Molecular mechanism of inflammation (the application period ends on 8 March 2021)

> Post-doctoral Researcher – Single-cell genomics (the application period ends on 8 March 2021)

> Project specialist/Postdoctoral researcher in medical bioinformatics (the application period ends on 31 March 2021)